Monday, June 30, 2008

Funny -- And With Great Legs, Too!

Who doesn't love a nice set of gams? This gang of Russian office gals sets the standard for synchronized office swimming to a bouncy little tune. Look out for sharks!

Is it Harvest Time Yet?

Plus, it has the Pedo Bear seal of approval!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Be Ready for Worldwide Pride!

How to say "I'm a Lesbian" in a variety of different languages, including Klingon.

Afrikaans: Ek is lesbies.
Albanian: Jam lesbike.
Basque: Lesbiana naiz.
Bulgarian: Az sym lezbijka.
Catalan: Sóc lesbiana.
Chinese, Mandarin: tóng xìng liàn.
Croatian: Ja sam lezbijka.
Dutch: Ik ben lesbies or Ik ben lesbisch.
Esperanto: Mi estas lesbanino.
Estonian: Olen lesbi.
Finnish: Mä oon lesbo. (colloquial)
Minä olen lesbolainen. (formal)
Franglaish: Mé e lesbien.
French: Je suis lesbienne.
German: Ich bin lesbisch.
Greek, Modern: Eimai lesvia.
Hebrew: Ani lesbit.
Hungarian: Leszbikus vagyok.
Icelandic: Ég er lesbía.
Indonesian: Saya lesbi.
Irish: Is leispiach mé.
Japanese: Watashi wa rezu yo.
Klingon: be'pu' vIparHa'
Korean: Chon lesbian indaeyo. (colloquial)
Chonin lesbian imnida. (formal)
Latin: Tribas sum.
Lojban: .i mi mitpavycinglenim
Malay: Awak lesbian.
Norwegian, Bokmål: Jeg er lesbisk.
Norwegian, Nynorsk: Eg er lesbisk.
Polish: Jestem lesbijkÄ.
Portuguese: Eu sou lésbica.
Romanian: Sunt lesbianã. Sunt lesbi.
Russian: Ya lezbiyanka.
Scots Gaelic: Is leisbeach a th' annam.
Spanish: Soy lesbiana.
Swahili: Mimi ni msagaji.
Swedish: Jag är lesbisk.
Tagalog: Tomboy ako.
Thai: Di chan phen lesbian.
Toki Pona: mi olin e meli.
Turkish: Ben lezbiyenim.
Welsh: Dw i'n hoyw.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Why I Like Being a Lesbian

Link After doing time in a straight marriage, Julie Phineas is now happily coupled with a woman -- and loving it! She's compiled a great list of the benefits of being a lesbian, one of which is the joy of sharing: "For example say I am tired of the scent of my body spray… I still have her collection of body sprays to choose from! We can choose from each others hair accessories, lotions, jewelry, and sometimes clothes and shoes fit the both of us and we can share. This did not happen when I was in a straight marriage!"