Monday, May 11, 2009

Wanda Sykes Slays 'Em At The White House

Give her an inch, and she'll keep you laughing the whole mile. Wanda Sykes is now the first out lesbian to perform at a White House Press Correspondents Dinner, and we're glad she's family. A really, really funny member of the family. Catch the whole performance here.

Thank You For Your Support

And the highly humorous computer animated "science" behind the "Bounce-O-Meter" section that lets you create a prototype and see it in action on this sports bra ad. Boobies. Heh.

Sing It With Us! "F-U"

Portia De Rossi Apologizes to Prop 8 Supporters

Tasteful Giving: More Gifts to Make Her Day

Why wait for a special occasion to get your sweetie a little something? Make any day a holiday with some of these lovely prezzies!

If she's trying to quit smoking, she'll need something to satisfy that oral fixation. Why not try a pacifier? Besides, this one lights up!

Tired of trying to find your way around in the dark? Here's another light up giftie, and it's something she can wear proudly under even the stuffiest of Power Lesbian biz suits.

Maybe she wants a little lesbian of her own to play with? Perhaps her Barbie Townhouse is not complete without a sexy housebutch? She needs a Bobbie Doll!

Or you may be that couple that insists on "handmade, personal gifts" only. Well, you can't get more handmade or personal than these. Besides, you know that damn thing's just been gathering dust since you bought it at the yard sale three years ago.