Monday, January 12, 2009

3Way: The Hottest Lesbian Comedy NOT on TV

Newly-divorced (and straight) Siobhan has just moved in with her lesbian best friend, Roxie. Siobhan's blissfully preparing herself for a new life, "a new, tranquil, drama-free life!"

But before she can swallow her morning bourbon chai, Roxie's new girlfriend -- and ex-girlfriend -- join the household, and all bets on tranquility are off.

Welcome to the world of 3Way!

(Bonus: hilarious outtakes during the credits!)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Resolution: Get That Butt in Shape for 2009!

These glutes were made for walkin', baby.

New Movie: Lesbian Vampire Killers

Why wait for Halloween, when you could have "Shaun of the Dead" (but with boobies) right now? From the previews, we're expecting loads of cheesy hilariousness! Check out the promo for "Lesbian Vampire Killers"

Gay Scientists Isolate the Christian Gene