Monday, September 22, 2008

It's an LNews Linkapalooza!

Just got back from vacation with a suitcase full of T-shirts and shotglasses, none of them tasteful. And of course, there's plenty of tasteless humor links for you, gathered from the fringes of the intarwebs. Behold!

Lesbian: The Uncyclopedia definition

Ever toyed with the idea of sculpting your shrubbery, but didn't want to end up with a badly-scratched muffin? Here's a site that lets you practice hedge-trimming safely -- and you can save your art and email it to your beloved.

Tired of knitting sweaters for your loved ones? Think outside the box and make a really different tissue cozy.

Four women share a magical bra that leads them on a voyage of self-discovery.

Crap up your MySpace page with graphics from the "What Kind of Lesbian Are You?" quiz